Production, Mixing & Mastering

At Battenberg Music, we offer production, mixing, and mastering services to bring your musical vision to life with clarity and precision. Our team of experienced audio engineers and producers has got you covered.


1. Production:

Whether you're starting from scratch or need assistance refining existing compositions, our team tries to capture the essence of your vision. From ARRANGING and RECORDING to SOUND SELECTION, we got you covered.

Price: Call for Quote


2. Mixing:

Our mixing services ensure that every instrument and vocal fits in the pocket. Using a hybrid approach, our analogue & digital equipment creates a rich sound you will remember.

Price: Starting at £50 / Hour


3. Mastering:

Bring the finishing touch to your music with our mastering services. Our experienced mastering engineers use precision tools to optimise the overall sound of your tracks, ensuring they translate seamlessly across various playback systems. From finalising levels to adding the polish, our mastering services give your music loudness without losing definition.

Price: Starting at £50 per track


Bundle Packages:

Price: Call for Quote


Session Musicians available for High End Productions - Subject to availability.


Want to see our work and how we operate. Feel free to drop us a line or give us a call.

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